What we can do

Gul Abeer Khan

Junior project and site manager, leading people to perform and checking final work. Worked several years as worker so have actual experience with all kinds of job. Speaks Danish, English and Pakistani.


Matt is very skilled with all kind of wood work - building wood stairs, wooden plate fences, tables. He also has some knowledge of electricity, drive the forklift, focusing on details while working. He speaks English and Polish.


Rasmus is very realiable forklift driver, able to do each job very accurate to make customers happy. He speaks Danish and English.


Syed, as a strong man is very good with manual carrying the material, cleaning site, easy wood work or painting. He often make fences with accordance to safety rules. He speaks English and Pakistani.


Noor is great cleaner, he cleans factories, gardens, construction site from outside, he move material or build cones fences. He speak English and Pakistani.


Gittse is very usefull helper and able to do anything you ask him. He is very good with cutting material, cleaning, moving material, hanging the lights, vaccuming. Speaks Danish and Serbian.